13/09/2014 02:24

Becoming a professional cook

With improved communications and television in particular, cooking programs are now more popular than ever. Each cooking program has its own rules. Some provide their contestants with recipes they are to follow. In other cases, you are expected to taste a given dish and replicate it with no recipe to assist you. Famous guests are a common feature. . They either demonstrate by cooking one of their own recipes or simply assist the chefs in their cooking endeavors.

Some shows feature professional chefs. They are held in high regard by those in the industry. They also have prior experience working in two-hat and three-hat restaurants. At present, there are shows where professional chefs themselves challenge each other in cook-offs, usually for a hefty sum of prize money. Guest judges taste their dishes, awarding points according to whether each element of the dish fits necessary criteria.

How can you become an expert chef? To start off, you have to be familiar with basic cooking skills. The key abilities are knowing how to improvise and come up with your own recipes, knowing how to handle usual kitchen items and stoves and having a sound knowledge of a multitude of cooking methods. With every dish they make, they juxtapose taste with visual presentation. Hygiene in the kitchen is capital to them

You should be sure of the level of chef you wish to be, the type of place you'd work best in as well as the cuisine that best suits your ability.

Professional training is important. There are many culinary institutions and hotel schools that exist for this very purpose.The basics of cooking include learning general terms, methods of cooking and commonly-used utensils and appliances. Working as an apprentice will help you apply your theoretical knowledge to the real world. It will increase your prospects of earning a higher salary. Culinary apprenticeships are often sponsored by professional culinary institutions for these purposes.

Once you have acquired sufficient training and experience in the industry, working your way towards certification from the American Culinary Federation.  Although it isnÕt compulsory to have this in order to secure a job, it certainly would boost your rankings in the industry. All the steps given here will prove to be very useful if professional cooking is your chosen career path. However, keep in mind; cooking is more than just an occupation. The culinary arts is incredibly intricate and requires dexterity and out-of-the-box thinking. If you have a passion for it, it'll translate in your cooking and result in a dish with unparalleled taste and presentation. This is what truly makes a great chef.